Immortal is a uniquely special because it is a perfume line created to honor the legendary henrietta lacks. Henrietta Lacks is a Black woman whose cells were taken from her in 1951 as she was being treated for cervical cancer at John Hopkins. She died shortly after but her cells are still alive today. They can be found in laboratories across the globe. Her cells have been coined “HeLa” cells and were the first immortal human cell lines used to create the polio vaccine, in vitro fertilization, space cell research, and do many more medical achievements.

The Henrietta Lacks family and the students of THE BLACK ECOSYSTEM are extremely excited about the creation of the immortal fragrance which is set to launch this summer.

In a world where social media and reality TV only shows the “fruits” of Entrepreneurship, we feel it is important to let our students know that it takes a lot of preparation and hard work to be successful. The students not only gain hand-on.

real-world experience with Entrepreneurship, they also show great improvement with personal development, critical thinking, and soft skills.

Include in our 16-week curriculum:

Fragrance Creation
Marketing and Distribution

Personal Enrichment

Financial Literacy
Interview Skills
Resume Workshop
Team Building
Public Speaking
Professional Conduct ( written communication and other behavior )
Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media
LinkedIN page



Hello, my name is Kayla Watson. When I started 1st grade i was diagnosed with ADHD, a learning / attention disability, which has caused me to struggle understanding things in school. I have been bullied since 6th grade due to my disability of understanding. People tell me on a daily basis the furthest i’ll get to a job is being a janitor, or that i’m stupid or i’m slow and i’ll never get any where in life. I’m so close to proving everybody wrong about me. I will be better than what people think I will be. I don’t let my disability get in the way of me accomplishing my dreams. I am really a kind, caring, and funny person. I’m full of personality, and I can make you laugh even when you don’t want to. I like to bring people spirits up and I love to help people too. I want everybody to be my friend and I wish everybody would just be friends but that’s not how the world works, but if I could change it I would. Somethings I love to do are sing, eat, act, and read, I LOVE TO READ. Crime books, mystery books, and documentaries. I don’t own a lot of books so I read the books at school. My passion is music though …I really love to sing and listen to music, I get a thrill from listening to it. I study every beat, every chorus, just the sound of music makes my heart pound for joy. The same thing with eating, I LOVE FOOD, except for fish I don’t like fish. The love acting. I was an extra in Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and a pilot called Love Is A Four Letter Word. I have worked with Alex Henderson, and took pictures with Monica Raymund and Eamonn Walker.

Makaylah Mnyofu, 16, BUTLER COLLEGE PREP

My name is Makaylah Mnyofu and I’m eighteen years old. I attend Lindblom Math and Science Academy on the south side of Chicago. I enjoy art, fashion, and music. This fall I will be attending Howard University as an interior design major.

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